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Monday, September 10, 2007

Sorry for not bloggin for a few days..
my blog keep havin problems with publishing post
went to school super late..
and we jus wanna hang up own com work to missy.Zara
after school mi, fabian, grace, lingyan & qiaoyun went to A.M.K to have our lunch
they say there is a "not bad" jap food around there
so we took a mrt over there.
and reach e shop..
my goodness..
they attitude sux la can
went the food came.
your "not bad" to mii = sh!t
eat abit nia.
don wanna eat le..
after eatin str8 go home.
get home
Faster do all my things..
i took off ALL my hair extention
go bath
ask the main help mi make short my shirt
after she's done with it
ask her help mi put back my hair extention
at 1st yunyun already tell mii to meet her for dinner at 8
than roy dad message mi ask to meet at 6 at cine for dinner
and i ask yunyun do she wanna join everyone for dinner
she say ok
well well~
i'm still not done with my things yet
around 7+ 8
yunyun message came, sayin she's still in school
alot things to do.
not able to go off
and i reply her, i'm still at home
when i'm done
took a cab down to cine lor..
so busy sayin hi to eveyone
went i walk over to roy dad there
there is roy dad, monster di, layss, zombie, jeff, noel, xiaotaizi, yijian, brian, kenneth
So many people~
awhile onli they say they goin off le.
they goin home play MAJONG!
lucky kenneth never go with them..
if not i'll fcukin kill him
kenneth tell mi benji already on call cab le..
ask mi go play with him..
ok lor..
but we waited and waited
benji dulan le.
he call back and ask why isnt the cab here..
so they change a cab for benji
and says tat in 5mins will reach
well well~
15mins gone~
lucky a cab come by and we took it
benji so angry and call back kpkb!
=D fun!
Reach play
go get a chop chop 1st~
than went to play outside wait for everyone to come
know wat.. 2 stupid underage gal, share a same id in 5mins time
meanin to say. 1st one get in le..
came out str8 away pass the id to another gal.
and she str8 go in.
is like.. in 5mins time u all use a same id on a same bounser
DAMN it la..
and clar try goin him.
he ask her to read her id number the other way round!
Lols.. this is something cannot be la
xiaoLionel go try to go in.. yup.. he get in
than warren brin his friend a gal in..
joys str8 away ask her get out of the Q
and tellin warren
are u testin mii, don come and mest around with mii..
warren was so damn angry
and called those guy who work there
askin wat joys wan..
so they say today police will be comin down.
due to somethin happen last week
+ the 2 stupid underage gal use same id
so warren tell us not to go back play le
mii, andrea, calli, clar, fer, alex & xiaoLionel was jam at MAXWELL!!
we sit all the way lor..
wat to do..
but ok la..
at least sit at maxwell XiaoLionel will be beside mii
if we're in play
i think i wont even be able to see his shadow
=X selfish Terry
suddenly calli shout OMG!
he show us a message from xavier
xavier is lionel de ex. -.-ll
message is onli with a words "HELP!"
and lionel ask them not to care..
but calli and andrea also go over to find him.
than mi and fer go for a walk..
and we saw xavier sittin on the floor
calli and andrea is sittin with him
so we walk over
xavier is like goin to die liao..
the sound
and he look like he take drugs
suddenly andrea ask mi got any shape items ago..
and she took my rink
calli run back and throw a glass on the floor
and her hand is bleedin
suddenly xavier stand up and run across the road
we also run after him la..
i tot tat he's runnin to lionel
so i scare..
and i run after also..
feel so like beatin him!!
but in the end..
he run to maxwell to buy food
and i ask clar peii calli go wash her hand
Xiaolionel walk over to calli and hug her.
Lionel's cryin..
omg.. my tears comin out
so we walk away..
and i tell andrea and calli..
if u all go to xavier don call mi korkor anymore
and they folo
i was holdin lionel hand
and he keep ask mi brin him go play
he jus wanna play and have fun
don wanna think about anythin
and its the last day he can go out and play le..
next weeks its his prelims
suddenly fer went to buy food..
so we go back and sit down lor..
andrea and xiaolionel went back to play 1st..
while we're sittin down
wait for fer to finish up her food
suddenly fer say she saw alot alot police car goin towords play tat way
so calli called andrea and ask them to get out of play
and calli run to play de back door to find them
in the end they don care..
after fer eat hao
we go play also lor
clar went home le
went inside play
saw gary kor with benZhu doin things..
OMG la..
are they drunk?
and everyone keep ask mi to pull gary away..
how to stop?
play close le..
we went to maxwell
jojo and wellnes is there
so i took his feather and play
Xiaolionel go home le
calli and andrea left maxwell also
than mi sit with gary kor and benzhu eatin lor
after eat
we go home le
mi kenneth gary kor and benzhu took same cab
reach home fer ask mi to play maple with her
so play awhile and i go sleep le
wake up at 7.30
is like damn late la
so i saw kenneth message
askin to meet at vivo for dinner with roy they all at 8
but i was late
i reach there around 9+
went i was about to reach
i message roy dad tellin him next stop i'll reach le
and he reply mii
sayin "huh, we goin back le lei"
i was 100% damn angry la!
so i don wanna answer any of their call, and message
Damn it la..
if u guys goin back soon..
or before hand, your already know wat time u guys goin back
AT LEAST message mi and tell mi about it la..
so i don have to come out
and this is vivo city lei
not maxwell or cine
i don have friends there can!
wanna jam there without u guys also cant!
lucky calli and andrea mei is at vivo city
so i went to look for calli they all
went i found them
i off all my handfone
meet them at longjohn.
clar, calli, andrea and weihao is there
i haven eat my dinner.
so yup, join them have dinner lor
after eatin..
was thinkin where to go
suddenly we start talkin about dOTA
we took a train to p.s
dota time~
went to da jie lan shop lor..
and i message benzhu
ask him where is he
he tell mi he's on his way home le..
so, i was thinkin
ok.. go home than call him chat chat
reach da jie shop le
1st game i was team with clar and calli.
while weihao and andrea another team
in 30mins they win us
i have a hard time playin
i need to take care of the 2 of them
2nd game
mi team with calli
and weihao team with andrea and clar
we gotta win
but i don wanna be so bad
so i didnt push in their tower
si weihao str8 come my base and att my tower
i so good u so bad
they won!
after 2game onli
we went to maxwell eat lor..
cause they say they miss maxwell food
its onli like.. 1am ++
we walk to play outside see see
we saw benzhu!
so i message him sayin
he still dare reply huh? wat?
and i say i saw u outside play
ad he start to explan
i don wanna listen
i totally cant stand lie's
kenneth is already a BIG liar tats why i cant stand him
and ben zhu is the same..
we went to maxwell eat le lor..
and i ask calli mei go to aside and peii mi talk talk
and she told mi somethings
and tears droppin down
i tell her many many things tat is in my heart
i really cant stand it le..
why are they like tat
either liar, got other friend don wan mi, plastic and tat person make mi so heartbroken
i treat u so nice all the while..
and finally i think i stand i chance, but.. u go find other guy..
around 3 we go back home le..
than imran called sayin
he jus finish his movie
and comin down to maxwell to find mii
and i go off
mi and weihao in the cab.
so go back weihao house 1st
than take the same cab back to maxwell lor
they're eatin
so i asked calli to call mii
i wanna talk to her
and i was at somewhere far talkin to her..
suddenly i start cryin badly
everyone from maxwell saw
imran dear came over
pull mi up from the ground
and walk to to other place.
ask mi wat happen
and i told him everything..
after talkin he pull mi and walk back to maxwell
reach maxwell
mingyang ask mi am i ok anot
darren also
i spotted weijie from far..
so i wear my ring, and walk over..
and andy laogong and andy sister ask mi
am i ok anot
why i cry?
but i onli askin them where is weijie?
they say he already took a cab home le
Fcuk him la.. humji kia
i tot u say u not scare de?
got a god bro look after u
and i saw gary kor so i walk over
askin why is he at maxwell
Lols.. benzhu is with him
around 4.30
imran dear sent mi home
in the cab.
he keep tellin mi.
don think too much..
he love mii..
if u guys don wanna love mii..
is ok..
because i know.. imran dear is always been there for mii..
reach home
mii play maple with fer till 12noon
i really cant sleep la..
keep thinkin and thinkin and thinkin
mi wake up at 6
darren message mi tell mi to meet at yishun..
cause we're goin to air-port to chill
imran dear don wanna left mi out ba.
i was late
for the whole day we sit at mac
playin with our laptop
we're chattin the whole day
mii play maple at mac..
than talkin on fone with fer
around midnite le..
mac totally no people liao
suddenly got a group of ahbeng come in
askin can share a power plug with him so
so i took out my laptop de cable lor
and he keep come over ask imran dear to help him to sign online
we keep talkin
make new friends
sit till mornin 6am
than we went off to look for cab
well well~
there is totally no cab
and we're sayin about ghost thingy
waited for cab for 1hour le
so imran dear say
lets go take bus la
they peii mi wait for my bus 1st
omg.. there is a JC boii damn hot, handsome la
and he's takin a same bus as mii
darren was like tellin mii
later sit beside him
act like fall down than go touch him
in the end
inside e bus
i am sittin 1 sit infount of him
mii keep message darren darlin when i'm in the bus
tellin him i feel like takin his number
and i tell him i write somethin on a paper wanna pass to him
and i really do it
i write "if you don mind makin friends.. message mi at 97330741.."
lols.. i know where's he goin down..
i damn scare and don dare to give it to him la
went reach his stop le..
i know he's gotta stand up
i turn over and pass the paper to him..
he gong gong look at mii for 3sec
so he did take the paper
went down the bus
the paper is still in his hand
sweet la
he is so handsome la..
i will never forget the moment he look at mii
didnt know tat i am so daring!
reach home
mi play maple with fer till i fall asleep
and i wake up at 8.30
damn it la
my monday is gone~
blog all the way till now
10.10 le.
haven eat have bath
haven do anythin
i jus cant stop thinkin
i donno why i keep thinkin of all this
if i find yijian is better than mi alot alot.
than disown mii and own him as your son
if you all find tat u guys found new good friend like kenneth brain and yijian
go ahead and tell mi stop irritating u guys.. i'll leave u guys alone
if you don like mii.. i am not your type.. tell mii..
u rejected mii once.. 2nd time won hurt mi as bad as the 1st time..
do you know how much i miss you, and how happy am i when i get to see u?
if you don wanna go out with mii, cant stand my attitude, jus tell mii
don because my daddy ask u to take care of mii..
and u come plastic with mii
and lie to mii, take mi as a 3years old kids
Terry, u're friendless.. don always think tat you're a somebody
u're jus a boii whos worst than a normal person
friendless kids

9/10/2007 08:50:00 PM