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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today mi wake up at 2.30 when my alarm clock ring..
than i wake up off it.. go back to sleep..
than lays keep callin my hp..
but was on silent mode..
she is so smart..
call my house, ask my maid to wake mi up..
but too bad.. my maid kanna scoldin..
really tired ma..

cause i sleep at 6am in the monrin..
but my sister wake mi up at 7..
than cant go back to sleep le..
keep thinkin of alot of things..

Was thinkin ,
Why am i so different from everyone?

Born with so much sickness..
don have mother love when i'm still a small kids..
Livin in a house with all ladys
no one to play with when young..

make mi become today de mii..
most of the time down..
always wearin a smilin mash..

still remember when i'm young..
onli have alot of toy , paper , colour pencel..
all i can do is play toy myself..
sianx of playin than sit down in e livin room keep drawin and colourin..
grandpa early mornin go out , until nite than go home..
grandma either cook , wash shirt , clean e house etc etc..
left mi alone..
back to the point~

than can sleep le..
wake up lor..
go bath 1st..
come out..
make dry my hair..
hair out of shape..
than i go wash my hair again..
make dry.. STILL SAME
forget it..
than go see wat to wear..
try so many set of shirt..
really had a bad mood i think..
everythin seems sux to mii..
hair la.. shirt la..
everythin la..
even quarrel with mama when she was talkin to mi nicely lor..

left my home without eatin..
so hungry siia..
meet them at ps..
was around 6+ le..
late again..
so sorry mans..
cause today lai da yi ma..
than go walk walk lor..
and they saw perfum aiya.. donno how to spell la.. my english gettin worst and worst
go in see see lor..
suddenly they think of goin to some place to buy it at a really cheap prices
so tony di wanna go with them..
but lays and zombie at cine waitin..
i cant go with them..
than tony di also cant go le lor..
all walk out of ps..
than di ask for 100bucks from roy dad..
and daddy give him lor..

outside ps le.. they smoke and say byebye to them..
left mi benji and tony di..
so i ask didi.. why u wan a 100bucks for..
and he answer mi.. spent la.. than do wat..
i was damn angry..
i am askin u is cause i wanna know why u keep so much money for..
and he answer mi in tat tone and words..
forget it..
i diam diam..
than benji say shell we walk to e mrt station..
cause andy meetin us than go cine..
sit down.. all never talk..
tony di look wired..
smoke 2to3 time than leave it alone..
suddenly he stand up.. i tot he lookin at somethin..
so i never care about him lor..
when i turn back.. he was gone le..
tot he go get himself a drink or go toilet..
so i never do anythin..
after sometime..
andy reach le..
and he is not bad yet..
than benji ask mi where did tony go..
i say i donno..
and he call mi to call him..
i called.. he didnt answer..
so benji try.. same..
i call up lays ask her to try call him..
i tot he was angry with mi about not goin with him to where daddy they all goin..
but lays say he didnt answer too..
i damn dulan liao..
and i don wan roy daddy to worried/angry
so i call up imran bearbear to ask him try callin him..
same thin lor.. than roy daddy call back..
ask mi why he go off..
how would i know..
and i try callin again..
no answer.. forget it..
i got nothin to say about him le..
give up..
and andy really reach le..
benji cant wait too..
so i tell benji.. lets go than..
so we left.. head to cine..
on the way walkin to cine..
i message tony..
tellin him.. if he don wanna answer my call.
forever don answer my call..
and i say if i call u 1 more time..
u never answer..
u will never know wat i'll do to myself..
darin lei.. no never answer..
don give a damn to mi le lor..
reach cine, 1st thin is go find lays and zombie lor..
and i am super angry..
so i kpkb lor..
and keep slap myself..
until lays message and tell him tat..
and he call back lays lor..
but he call back is not because i slap myself..
is cause daddy finally get him le..

than he head to cine lor..
he sit down..
we 2 didnt talk at all..
and i walk off to find andy they all..
cause i am hungry..
i wan food!!
than i walk back to lays they all..
ask them wanna eat anot..
they call mi wait awhile..
cause they talkin to tony ma..
so i stand at a side playin with my fone..
than talk hao le..
and we walk into cine lor..
but tony didnt come in..
lays go out ask him where is he goin..
he say he go smoke 1st..
later he will catch up with us..
so we wait inside cine for him to smoke finish lor..
he gone missin again..
lays and zombie goin around lookin for him..
i am really very angry le..
so didnt care all at..
than they found him..
and walk back to mi..
lays tell mi she scare tony will go missin again..
i was like.. wow.. so hot liao.. if he go missin again..
i'll go crazy.. so i tell lays!
u go to him now.. tellin him tat.. if he go missin again.. i will sure cut myself..
since slappin don work!!!!
and they go over lor..
tell him + talk to him at the other end..
while i am sittin outside cine alone..
listenin to my fone de song..

and saw the 3 of them walkin to mii with a smile on their face..
and i walk off..
lays come to mii.. hold my hand..
pull mi to tony..
and zombie pull tony to mii..
and he come hug mi lor , callin mi kor..
than i call him don call mi kor..
and let go off mii..
lays and zombie call us to go to aside..
don sit outside cine..
not nice to see..

when standin at the side..
he come hock my hand..
and i ask him to let go..
he ask mi wat u say.. say again..
so i say again lor.. LET GO!
than he say.. u say de ar...
and he let go off my hand..
lays is angry also le ba..
so ask him.. why he ask u let go and u let go..
my tears start fallin down..
and lays tears drop too..
really enough from this didi le..

than he hock my hand back..
and i didnt ask him to let go..
start scoldin him le lor..
ask him why don wan answer my call..
than he explan..
mi lanlan..
than ask him why quarrel with roy dad..
he tell mi he bad mood..
so i ask him.. u bad mood u aim roy la..
ahbo u aim mi..
and i tell him.. he is your boyfriend..
u shouldnt be aim him..
cause he is than your boyfriend..
not mi not lays not zombie..
shouldnt be hong mi.. should hong him!
than talk talk talk la..

and i say make mi cry than u happy..
slap my face until so pain than u happy..
and we walk into cine lor..
go b1 lor..
everytime at cine..
eat until donno wat to eat le..
on e way down..
saw e group of aj sittin infount of us..
and i say andy..
than i call andy jie~
all e aj turn over and look at mi and tony di..
don give a damn la.. don even know who are sittin there..
jus talk to andy nia..
askin him where he goin later..
and i jus walk off lor..
find a table and sit down..
than mi go order chicken chop lor..
lays and zombie see mi eat..
they also feel like eatin..
than they go order also..
when eatin.. saw bernard sittin in kobayashi..
after we eat finish.. chat chat awhile than mi go disiao him le..
he change liao la.. last time mi make him..
he won fight back de lor..
now will siia.. cheebye
than mi walk off lor..

go to cine outside..
sit down beside cheers..
playin chattin.. etc etc..
than joe wanna throw somethin..
and he say hii to mi..
than i smile back lor..

and i tell di..
go say hi to joe..
than we walk over to them and say hii..
than mingyang singin to lays..
was like so far away can..
and he sing so loud!
than i ask lays ask him to diamdiam
lays shout over.."terry call mi to ask u diamdiam"
donno is he cannot hear or don wan to care..
i wasnt in a good mood..
so i shout " SHOUT UP!!!!!!"
around 9.30 le..
lays and zombie gtg..
so~ sent them off the e bus stop..
after they left..
mi and tony di walk back to cine find harper..
than didi ask mi to call harper see where is he la..
so i call lor..
and he say they in bus on e way to lan shop to play dota..
ROAR!! left without tellin mi..

so i tell didi we also go take bus to e lan shop..
but before tat..
we go cheers buy drink..
i bought a drink he bought a ice cream..
and we walk over to HMV..
didi say take cab lei..
so we walk to e HMV behide de texi stand..
so many people..
than we go take bus..
di ask mi take wat bus..
i say any bus la..
saw a 174 didi say lets take 174..
and i lame lame answer him.. huh i don wan to die with u..

reach e lan shop..
than we play dota lor..
sianx de.. keep die and lose..
after 2game mi and tony di don wan play le..
than we left lor..
take a cab to nail road..
cause i wanna eat ma..
than we go eat 1st..
after eat walk to tantic..
didi say he don wanna go in..
and i ask him why..
than he say.. he will not go in tantic until he and roy ok..
and he ask mi to ask roy dad out..
he wanna talk to him..
so i go in and ask him out..
but he say he cant go out..
both stone lor..
i damn the angry..
so i go out..
and tell didi tat he cant come out..
than di ask mi to go tell dad..
he give him 1 min.. if he don come out..
and he will go..
i am so angry le..
i shout i won care about they 2 le..
wan call u ownself call..
and i walk to aside..
dad came out le..
i was like..
wow.. happy lei..
at least he do his part by comin out..
so i walk off la.. let them talk..
and i saw alen walkin out of tantic..
than he saw daddy talkin to tony so he walk back to tantic..
and i ask him.. u lookin for roy?
and he say yup..
so i say i help u go tell him tat..
and he say thanks..
so i walk to dad.. and tell him alen lookin for him..
and i go in tantic le..
than ynot de boa saw mii..
and he say hii to mi.. so i smile back..
walk into tantic play with imran bearbear and robin lor..
than tantic de maneger came le..
so imran bearbear call mi to ask roy dad to come back..
than i go outside call him to go in lor..
tony di ask mi to ask him come out..
i was like.. why cant u be more understandin?
so i tell him.. the boss is here also..
can u be more understandin???
and he still ask mi to ask him come out.. jus for 1 min..
so i answer him.. if mummy say can.. i'll ask..
if mummy say no.. i will not..
and i walk in tantic ask bearbear lor..
bearbear say no.. the boss is here..
than i go out and tell him.. mummy say no..
and i am so damn hot out there..
so i ask him go in..
he jus don wanna go in..
and i say forget it..
nothin to say to u le..
than he guai guai go in with mi lor
robin saw tony..
and he ask.. finally wanna come in le huh..

and he walk to daddy ask him to come down..
he still haven finish talkin to him..
i don wan care le la..
since he don wan listen..
i jus sit down diamdiam lor..
i am havin a bad headache le..

than they go to e bad of tantic talk lor..
come back quite fast..
so i ask him..
how was it?
good or bad..
than he tell mi good..
finally lor..

and ynot people keep dancin inside lei..
i was like.. stop.. i am havin a headache le..so i walk to e fount and sit down..
but e aircon there not cold siia.
so sit near e casher there..
yeah! 3am le.. tantic close liao..
than robin go off 1st..
imran ahma tell mi tat he has to sent heka and rin home..
cant sit with mii at e back..
i was like.. why cant..
call 1 sit infount la..
sorry ar.. i am like tat de..

than we go outside.. jojo ask mi how i go back.
i say imran sent mi home lor..
so he go back himself...
sorry jojo~

than bearbear say lets go..
and he ask heka sit at e fount..
and ask rin go in e cab 1st..
than rin was like so happy and say..
yeah i sit at e back..
than i sian1/2
folo by mi sit mid.. than bearbear..
and rin ask bearbear.. why i sit mid..
why not him..
than bearbear say..
same la.. aiyo..
we 3 at the back chatchat lor.. heka playin his game..
reach home le..
was like..
back home liao.. HOME SWEET HOME
than mi go online..
chattin with roy daddy , kimo , steven and arron..
and bloggin..

chattin with arron with webcam now..
so feel like cryin siia..
really miss him T.T
was thinkin of e past of mi and him..
feelin so sorry to him..

4/12/2007 03:58:00 AM